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Clinch Joint parameters and control

The SPOT CLINCH® / RIVCLINCH® is tested by measuring the residual base thickness, “St” and the joint diameter “D” on the die side of the joint.


Clinch_JointThese values are predetermined in laboratory tests for each application and recorded, with a test number, in a report.
These parameters are measured during production and compared with the reference data. It guarantees reliable quality control of the SPOT CLINCH® / RIVCLINCH® joint.


The residual base thickness, “St”, is measured by hand using a calliper, as shown in the photograph. This allows quality checks to be carried out on random samples without interrupting production.



Process monitoring

An electronic, “smart”, process controller can be used to check the joining process for automated or mass production. 

Process monitoring 1


A force sensor is installed on a C-frame. Another sensor measures the tooling position.Thus, a force-displacement curve in real time for every clinch joint is generated.The software allows check “windows” to be programmed along the curve. The last one is the final value of the completed joint. If the signal deviates from the reference windows, an error signal can be sent to the line controller or the robot to stop the machine and for statistics analysis.

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