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General principals

The clinching process : method of joining sheet metal by localised cold-forming of the materials. This produces an interlocking joint between two or more layers of material.

The SPOT CLINCH® / RIVCLINCH® joining technique can be used to join steel and stainless steel materials as well and / or non-ferrous materials based on a cost effective, environmentally friendly process.
Coated and painted sheet metals can also be joined together without altering the surface finish.

The result clinch will either be round or rectangular. It depends of the RIVCLINCH® joining tool selected.

The SR round joint, without cutting trough the material, is gas tight. Consequently, it protects the coating better and provides high corrosion and fatigue resistance.

ATTEXOR ® round clinching joint


The ST rectangular clinch joint is the product of a combined cutting and deforming process. It is primarily suited to multi-layer (up to 5 and more) and harder materials such as stainless steel.


ATTEXOR ® rectangular clinching joint

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