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Strength value of SPOT CLINCH® / RIVCLINCH® Joints

The shear and the cross-tension strength are good means of comparing clinching with other joining methods such as spot welding, riveting or screwing.

The graph shows the most current values for the standard tooling and mild steel.

There is a directional dependency involved when making a rectangular joint (ST).
To achieve a greater strength, the load direction in the case of the rectangular joint should be transverse to the joining element, (3a) in the graph, rather than longitudinal (3b). The graph above also shows that the widening the joint diameter (1 to 2) also increases in strength.


1 : Round joint (SR) SR504 / SR503 / SR502

2 : Round joint (SR) SR804

3a : Transverse rectangular joint (ST) ST432

3b: Parallel rectangular joint (ST) ST432



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