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SPOT CLINCH® Modular systems for integration and automation


ATTEXOR ® Modular Clinching installationThe modular program is intended for line builders and integrators and for people requiring efficient tools which enable rapid creation of customized solutions and suited to a wide variety of clinching assembly tasks.
The solutions can involve bench mounted or stand alone machines, special assembly work stations, automatic assembly lines or robot stations.

The systems are composed of cost effective standard hydraulic work heads, powered by air-to-oil pressure boosters simply connected to compressed air, for unlimited combinations of force unit capacity, stroke length, C’frame depth and work heads.


Multiple work head stations

Multiple work head stations can be easily designed and built with pre-adjusted components, and without the use of a complicated electro-hydraulic power installation, and can be immediately operational. The limited oil volume also prevents large oil leakages and the inevitable dirtiness of usual hydraulic installations over time.

Once the tool kit type, dimension and setting force are defined as a function of the application, there will always be the right work head to power it and to build the clinching installation.




Accessories include boosters, tool holders, punch strippers, die protections, compensated supports for adaptation to automatic operation, hand triggers and foot pedals, various sensors for automatic control, optimized cycle controller and process monitoring device for full production control.

Some portable applications are also based on modules, with the aid of accessories like balancers and gyroscopic suspensions with appropriate load capacity.

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