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The PASS solution for long stroke

How it works?

P35PASSATTEXOR ® Pass system installationA long pre-stroke can be provided by a small pneumatic cylinder, which eliminates the need for large oil flows. Therefore only one pressure booster can power several work heads by just acting during the work stroke.
Another advantage of the PASS solution is to save cycle time when making several clinch joints in a row without having to activate the long approach and return strokes. Each module range, from 35 kN to 300 kN, can be equipped with the PASS option.

The usual modular installation comprises one or several work heads, mounted on sliding (compensating) supports, and powered by a booster. The work piece must be introduced automatically or manually in-between the punch and the die, without hurting the tooling or the tool holder. Prior to the clinching cycle, the work head is moved on its sliding support until the part comes into contact with the tooling attached to the C’frame side. In this way the cycle is operated smoothly without any distortion to the clinched part or to the clinching tooling and work head.

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