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How to select portable machines?

Once the tooling has been selected, the choice of the work head will be dictated mainly by the geometry of the product to be clinched, and by accessibility to the clinch area.

Small edges (FS Series)

The examples show assembly of the external edges of cabinets, housings and walls of large size products. This choice is advantageous given the high speed, light weight and the mobility of the tool which offers exceptional productivity.

SC0201_fs_wall_structureSC0201_fs_edge_cabinetSC0201_fs_edge_cabinet_wallMore information...

Medium range (IP Series - Integral Pneumatic)

The assembly of profiles or folded edges which require a larger jaw opening. The quick and safe closing jaw of the IP models is a perfect solution for such products.

SC0404_ip_boxesSC0404_ip_wall_panel                More information...

Large structures (Pass Series)

It is quite often necessary to set the clinch joint further away from the edge, or for passing over steps. Working from the top of a product or accessing a more confined box is often necessary. This type of machine is the best solution in this case as various C’frame dimensions and geometries can be supplied using the same force unit.

P50_Pass_largeP50_Pass_housing                                    More information...

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