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TAGGER Stitch-folding

TAGGER 320 Stitch-folder*

Sheet metal stapling without staples

TAGGER, stitch-folding tool of ATTEXOR * for sheet metal fasteningUltra-fast tool, for fastening sheet metal edges and flat panels. Ideal for pre-coated, multi-layers assemblies of thin sheet metals. Unbeaten since 25 years in the fastening of cabinets, refrigerated displays, vending machines, freezers, ventilation and many other domains.

TAGGER 320 is delivered complete with pressure booster, flexible hose, handle grip and tooling. Work head weight 2.2 kg. Max capacity 2x 0.8 mm mild steel, 2x0.6 mm stainless steel.

Service kits and spare parts available for all models since 1978.

TAGGER principle of metal joining

*Bollhoff Attexor SA is exclusive worldwide supplier of TAGGER outside USA, Canada and Mexico

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