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Special tooling

Bollhoff Attexor SA provides optimized and advanced clinching solutions for specific industries, notably:

  • Micro clinch tooling, which have been used in the electronic and watch industries for 15 years, with a small record die diameter of 1.0 mm
  • Tooling for electric contacts, with diameters ranging between 2 to 3 mm
  • Tooling for filters, ST402, accepting high filtering fabric material thickness in the ventilation industry
  • Tooling for ventilation ducts, which enables fast lateral displacement of machine



High Speed clinching

Thanks to more than two joints per second, the SPOT CLINCH 0201FS and the SPOT CLINCH 0201 IP machines from Bollhoff Attexor SA are the champions, world-wide of High Speed clinching! The productivity of these machines makes the hand operation more productive than any robot or mechanized solution.

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