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Clinching process

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The clinching process is a method of joining sheet metal by localised coldforming of the materials.

Coated and painted sheet metals can also be joined together without altering the surface finish.

The SPOT CLINCH® / RIVCLINCH® joining technique can be used to join steel and stainless steel materials as well as aluminium and/or non-ferrous materials based on a cost effective, environmentally friendly process.

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Spot Clinch / Rivclinch

Clinching toolsPortable machinesModular clinching systemA wide range of clinching products
ToolingTooling Portable machinesPortable machines Modular clinching systemModular systems

The central component of the
SPOT CLINCH® / RIVCLINCH®, joining system is the tooling, or “tool kit”.

The portable machines offer the
opportunity to use clinching for most of
your applications, with attractive price.

The modular program is intended for
builders and integrators.

The very wide range of clinching hand tools and portable machines offers the opportunity to incorporate clinching into your operation.

For a minimum investment cost and to provide the best solution for practically every application.

Applications domain

Ventilation ducts Garage door Electric contacts Heat shield

Ventilation ducts

Garage doors

Electric contacts

Heat shields

Ventilation filters Scafolders Stoves Window mechanism

Ventilation filters



Window mechanisms

Clinch application
HCACHeating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Building sectorBuilding sector ApplianceAppliance AutomotiveAutomotive

The industry domains of application for clinching are determined mainly by the use of sheet metal or not.

There are many sectors where clinching is used, even where you don't think!


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